Sharka Blue

Birthday: Apr 7, 1981
Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Weight: 105.82 lbs
Cup: A
Waist: 26
Hips: 35


Born in the old-world town of Chomutov, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) in April of 1981, Sharka Blue is perhaps the hottest Euro-slut in the XXX business. Getting her start in 2003 at the age of 22, Sharka’s very first scene was a bisexual three-way with two guys, starting her career with the hard-charging hardcore action that soon moved her to the top of every Euro-porn aficionado's all-star list of cock-takers. There is a great deal of controversy regarding her perfect breasts, often represented as all-natural, but appearing to have subtly changed over the years; fans have done forensic frame by frame dissections of their appearance in her films, and the results have been inconclusive. If Sharka did indeed get breast implants, all agree that they were expertly installed, and kudos to Sharka for selecting such a natural size to perfectly balance her petite frame and provide the perfect platform for her always-stiff nipples. Lord knows there’s plenty of pornstars out there that go with big tits for a top-heavy look that while certainly eye-catching, look too artificial for some tastes. Real or not, Sharka’s tits are pure perfection, as one “expert” stated while weighing in on the discussion “A mold should be taken of Sharka’s tits, and framed reproductions should be hung in every plastic surgeon’s office as the standard by which all tits are judged”. That a girl gets this much attention paid to ‘A’ cup tits is telling, and it’s only due to them representing the cherry on top of a girl who is already a perfect sex sundae, with gorgeous big blue eyes set in a beautiful face that would do a fairy tale princess proud, framed with platinum blonde hair and attached to a toned, tanned athletic body with a tight little pussy and an inviting ass. Simply put, Sharka Blue makes a strong argument for “intelligent design”, if one buys into the idea that there’s a creator out there slaving away at perfecting the ultimate sex machine. It’s not just her physical attributes that makes Sharka such a compelling performer, her attitude perfectly matches her alluring appearance. She has stated that she thinks of her ass as her second pussy, and that getting double penetrated represents the ultimate in sex for her, and that in her opinion every girl should try it “At least twice.” Her personal life mirrors her raucous on-screen appearances, and she relates that some of her greatest sexual experiences have occurred while no cameras were present, including her favorite orgy experience which took place on her off-time, when accompanied by her boyfriend she went to a swingers club and took on 12 strangers for an hours-long fuck-fest, the recalling of which never fails to make her sopping wet. Sharka’s beauty and talents are such that she has had problems on set, causing her male costars to shoot uncontrollably, long before the scene is supposed to end. That she can reduce a professional cock-wielder to the equivalent of a hair-triggered schoolboy speaks for itself. ZTOD has an exclusive collection of Sharka Blue and her unstoppable sexual energy on proud display, allowing you to witness a true sexual force of nature in action.

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