Roxy Deville

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 121.25 lbs
Cup: C
Waist: 24
Hips: 34


Roxy DeVille is a popular pornstar of pure Italian heritage who has made quite a name for herself within the industry. Prior to embarking on her career in XXX porn, Ms. DeVille washed hair at a salon and worked in retail before becoming an erotic dancer at which she worked for years; from there it wasn’t much of a leap to gulping cum for the camera, and the better money for less work made it something of a no-brainer for a smart girl like Roxy. Unlike most porn starlets of the 21st century, Ms. DeVille refuses to do anal work, and has stated that a female pornstar can be quite successful in this business without giving up her ass. Many would disagree, but at least for Roxy, it doesn’t seem to have had a major negative effect on bookings as she has appeared in over 250 titles. She also got cast in some softcore releases for Cinemax and HBO’s late-night programming. While Roxy has a domineering personality, she actually prefers to be submissive, and really gets off on being tied up and restrained, in fact she had initially taken a run at being a model in the bondage and fetish genre prior to porn, but the money just wasn’t adequate for her needs. Personal preferences aside, Roxy is quite adept at playing the dominant role, she has stated that she has a major case of penis envy, and relishes roles that have her donning a strap-on and violating her fellow pornstars. In keeping with her submissive tendencies, she likes her sex rough and dirty. Her favorite position is the pile driver as it affords the best view of the action for the camera while simultaneously providing her with the maximum railing. Ironically Roxy relates that her porn career has made her private life more tame than it was prior to her entering the industry. Before going into porn, she would bring home fellow dancers and patrons for wild and extreme sex parties, but now that she has sex for a living, she just wants to relax when she gets home, which is understandable, as when you’ve spent the whole day as a penis garage that itch is effectively scratched and one can get on with one’s business without feeling the need to reenact one’s work activities at home. She has a long term boyfriend, who is well aware of what she does for a living and is cool with it, given her policy of maintaining openness and honesty about her onscreen exploits and strict compartmentalization of “Work Roxy” and “Home Roxy”. It’s a balance that many fail to achieve, but this straight-talking no-nonsense lady seems to make it work. ZTOD has Roxy DeVille in all her spunk-inducing glory. This is one girl who always “brings it” much to the delight of her fans.

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