Renae Cruz

Birth place:
Ethniticy: latina
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 112.44 lbs
Cup: C
Waist: 25
Hips: 35


Renae Cruz is a Latina XXX pornstar who was born on a US military base in the Philippines in November of 1987. As an army brat growing up she moved around a lot spending time in such exotic locales as Brazil, Japan, Washington DC, Virginia, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston and New Jersey. Her frequent relocations have made her quite adaptable; as she puts it, "Moving around so much made me learn to understand people better (and) I think I come off as a much more mature person that way." Renae got her start in the porn business completely by chance when she bumped into the head of a porn studio at a dinner party. As he tells the story of their random first encounter, he describes how the 19-year-old Renae just caught his eye. He proposed working together and later brought her in for some photos; "We did a photo shoot with her, and she just sparkled," he says. "She's absolutely gorgeous — cute, young with a great sexual appetite and fun to be around.” In an interview Renae recounts about how unlike most women, she doesn’t really recall the first couple of guys she had sex with, though she does remember the first guy who fucked her really hard who was probably her third of fourth partner, which is quite telling. This is a girl who needs a solid, rough fuck or it simply doesn’t register with her, making her perfectly suited for the porn business, where she can get fucked by true professionals who know how to throw a good bang. “Civilians” need not apply. Her tattoos mean a great deal to her and she likes to describe the story behind each one, explaining that her butterfly tattoo above her pussy is a metaphor for how her own pussy wants to spread it’s wings and fly free and how her “Made in Heaven” tramp-stamp reflects her belief that she’s an angel. If you’ve seen this girl in action, angelic is probably the last adjective that would come to mind, though on second thought if this is what angels are like, heaven is going to be a lot more interesting than what was described in Sunday School! Renae has appeared in nearly 200 titles to date, netting four major porn award nominations, however the role she is most famous for is playing “J-Ho”, a satirical spoof that had this sexy Latina parodying the biography of Jennifer Lopez. He uncanny resemblance to the famous pop star, coupled with her hard-charging sexual style made the production quite a hit among fans of Latina porn as well as those who harbor sexual fantasies of feeding cock to “Jenny from the Block”. ZTOD has Renae Cruz performing in some of the best scenes of her career. Particularly titillating is an all-star all-girl three-way with blonde bombshells Alexis Texas and Aiden Starr that will leave you speechless. Renae injects some serious Latina heat into this lesbian confection for an appreciative audience in a girls’ locker room, excerpted from Zero Tolerence’s “Girlvana 4” in a scene that was nominated for an AVN Award for “Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene”.

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