Nadia Styles

Birth place:
Ethniticy: latina
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 110.23 lbs
Cup: D
Waist: 25
Hips: 35


Nadia Styles is an on-again off-again pornstar who was born in Los Angeles, California in June of 1982. As she tells her life story during interviews, she was nineteen and was trying to make ends meet answering advertisements in L.A. Weekly, working as a prostitute and earning 70 bucks a pop when she realized that her life wasn’t really working out the way she had hoped, so Nadia got a “regular job” as a receptionist for a porn production company. Being a bright girl she took on more and more responsibility and was soon promoted, eventually becoming a video editor for the studio’s movies. All that time in the editing booth soon had Nadia fantasizing about getting in front of the cameras, basking in the adulation of fans and making the big bucks. She quit her desk job at the porn production house and embarked on her career as a pornstar, jet-setting to exotic location shoots like Hawaii and pulling down six figures a year, but even though she was an adept performer she was never really comfortable with the concept of her profession and drifted in and out of the industry, never fully embracing her stardom. A turning point for Nadia occurred when she had an unplanned pregnancy which she terminated; also occurring around that same time her career had started to cool, arguably in small part due to her lack of enthusiasm in promoting herself due to her internal confliction, but in any case she found herself with a lack of opportunities to perform on film and has contemplating going to work in one of Nevada’s famous legal brothels, when she became involved in a born-again Christian organization and had soon reinvented herself as a crusading spokesperson against pornography. Her personal issues aside, Ms. Styles had a successful and lucrative run in the XXX porn business, with over 250 titles to her name. Nadia’s performances also garnered her industry recognition including a 2005 AVN Award nomination for “Best Thee-Way Sex Scene”, a 2006 AVN Award nomination for “Best Anal Sex Scene” as well as a 2009 AVN Award nomination for “Most Outrageous Sex Scene”, somewhat ironically receiving that last honor after she had announced her retirement and subsequent repudiation of the industry that had made her famous. After being absent from the industry for over three years while she doing her stint as an anti-porn spokesperson, Nadia resurfaced in 2012 this time taking big black cock on camera. Whether this represents another change of heart for this professional cock socket remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, fans of this Latin/Asian cutie have missed her performances and are eagerly awaiting her next film should she decide to again pursue her XXX career in earnest. ZTOD has Nadia Styles in an exclusive selection of her hottest performances, including a 20-plus minute ass-fucking extravaganza excerpted from Zero Tolerance’s “Grand Theft Anal 8” that will leave no question in your mind as to what Nadia’s true calling is in this life and will leave you clambering for more.

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