Lucy Lee

Birthday: May 20, 1980
Birth place:
Ethniticy: asian
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 110.23 lbs
Cup: C
Waist: 24
Hips: 36


Lucy Lee is a California native, born in Torrence CA in May, 1980 of 100 percent Korean ancestry, this Asian concubine combines an all-American attitude rarely seen outside of reality television with exotic far-eastern looks in a fiery combination that blazed both on and off-screen. Weighing in at a petite 110 pounds with particularly shapely proportions for her ethnicity sporting implanted 36C tits and a narrow 24 inch waist finishing off with ample 36 inch hips. Lucy was an erotic dancer from the age of 19 and had been dancing for about a some time when she came to the attention of a big name in the XXX smut business who recognized her smoldering appeal and cast her in her first movie. For her inaugural voyage as a XXX pornstar she was challenged with satisfying a tag-team of two men who thoroughly worked her over, trying to tame this savage cock-monster in a scene that showcased what was to become her trademark ferocity. By Lucy’s own account she much preferred performing as a pornstar compared to stripping, stating that when she was a dancer working up on stage, her legs would get bruised from performing acrobatics on the pole and it involved spending 8 hours on her feet in high heels whereas in an adult film the average shoot lasts less than four hours and it’s largely just having sex in a variety of positions which she found quite enjoyable, add in the much higher level of compensation and you have the makings of one very happy fuck slut. Her career was on a serious upward trajectory and she was nominated for an AVN Award in 2006 for “Best Group Sex Scene” and all should have been well in her world, but the same aggressiveness and ferocity that was bringing her accolades for her work, was less helpful in real life when the cameras weren't rolling. Lucy allegedly had a number of run-ins with the law, being arrested convicted and imprisoned for an assault on a bouncer in a club and at least one DUI arrest. This was followed by more jail time resulting from vandalism charges after a liquor store refused to sell alcohol to the allegedly already plastered pornstar; though most importantly in regards to her porn career, she was known to sometimes have explosive drama on-set when dealing with her costars, earning her a reputation as someone who could be very difficult to work with. Her performances were strong enough for producers to continue casting her, but it really was a risk, as Lucy seemed unable to rein in her sometimes erratic emotional state. Lucy left the industry in 2008, much to the dismay of her loyal fans. It’s a widely held belief that crazy chicks make for most exciting lays, and while Lucy probably would not have qualified for that clinical diagnosis, she definitely brought a certain “on the razor’s edge” sense of precariousness to her performances that inarguably made for very compelling viewing. ZTOD has the incomparable Lucy Lee, amply demonstrating the ferocity for which she’s infamous, in exclusive scenes available only right here.

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