Kelly Wells

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Weight: 125.66 lbs
Cup: B
Waist: 23
Hips: 33


Born in May of 1984 and raised in the small town of Fulton Illinois, Kelly Wells is one of the dirtiest and most prolific performers in the XXX porn business, often appearing as Kelly “Fucking” Wells, it’s immediately apparent what kind of girl you’re dealing with when she chooses Fucking as her middle name. Her small town of only 4,000 people did not provide much opportunity for skanky behavior and she wasted no time in getting out of there. Later she was working as a pharmacy technician when a boyfriend suggested she could earn a great deal more properly leveraging her talents, so she went into erotic dancing in Las Vegas strip clubs, and found that indeed her friend was right, she was pulling down significantly more scratch shaking her booty for drunken men. During her dancing career she became friendly with a fellow stripper who did escorting and video work, one thing led to another at at the age of 20 Kelly made her first XXX porn video. Though she initially started doing porn solely for the money, over time she grew to enjoy her sessions for the camera and as her comfort level and enjoyment of her craft increased so did her appreciation of pushing her personal envelope to greater and greater extremes. Kelly has stated in interviews that porn has allowed her to unleash her inner freak, much to her fan’s delight. Few pornstars can match Kelly’s intense style, truly filthy mouth and willingness to push herself well past others’ limits. That it is a pretty, unassuming looking girl just makes the extremes seem that much more so, as Kelly describes herself, “I’m like the girl next door.... with a kick!” She also describes herself as a “Sexual Daredevil” and isn’t scared to try anything on camera and this wild persona she has created for herself has certainly paid dividends, though it finds her sometimes going beyond what a mainstream porn audience is comfortable viewing and on rare occasion has led to minor injury. She relates that she really gets off on humiliation and being dominated. She is definitely a creature of the extreme, performing feats that many of the most experienced load-takers in the business would shy away from, gaping and domination videos, taking two dicks up her ass, some scenes with Max Hardcore early in her career that were so depraved many distributors refused to carry them, there simply doesn’t seem to be any limits to what this little cock monster is willing to do and her fans, those who have an appreciation for her forays into fetish and kink wouldn’t have it any other way. Ms. Wells has appeared in over 500 titles to date and while she’s been nominated for 11 major porn awards over the years, she has never taken home a trophy. ZTOD has Kelly Wells in exclusive scenes available nowhere else, available instantly on demand displaying her unique blend of horny filthiness that has made her a favorite of porn connoisseurs across the globe

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