Julie Silver

Birthday: Aug 11, 1981
Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Weight: 121.25 lbs
Cup: B
Waist: 26
Hips: 36


Born in August of 1981 in Pribam in what would become the Czech Republic, Julie Silver is part of the Eastern European porn invasion that has taken the industry by storm of late. Standing a 5’8” with all-natural measurements of 36B-26-36 with nary a tattoo or piercing to distract from her natural beauty, Julie is nonetheless quite comfortable taking on some of the most challenging roles available, and is well known for gaping and getting her ass double-stuffed; it would seem that beneath her outwardly conservative appearance beats the heart of a true cock monster. Julie got her start in the industry when she was twenty and has no regrets about her decision to pursue this particular career path. She states she has had mostly good experiences shooting porn and really enjoys the adulation of her fans. She generally doesn’t maintain a boyfriend in her life as she has difficulty maintaining a steady, intimate arrangement while working in the porn business because in her experience, eventually her man becomes jealous of the railings she takes on screen. Understandably it’s been quite difficult for her to find a man who is comfortable with the notion of hearing over dinner about the five man gang-bang followed by five different loads dumped down her throat as the response to the standard query “how was your day?”. Her strategy to overcome this deficiency within her personal life is to rely on her large circle of friends for emotional support and engaging on one night stands when necessary to satisfy her sexual needs. With appearances in over 200 titles to date, Julie often gets recognized on the street, which she still finds to be a thrill. The porn business has given her the opportunity to travel the world, and she really enjoys meeting people and experiencing different cultures. When asked what she might do after porn, she states “I feel like I will always be in porn, perhaps I will move on to directing or producing”, she elaborates that she would like to direct porn aimed towards a female audience rather than the gonzo style than men seem to prefer and that she feels as a woman she has a better understanding of what a woman would enjoy viewing, producing movies that have more story, beautiful scenery and romantic situations. Not to worry, Julie has had no editorial input into her scenes here on ZTOD, and your time will not be wasted viewing long, soft-focused shots of wineglasses and candlelight. Julie for all her high-minded ideals is a master of ass sex, and delivers some of the most astounding anal feats you’ll ever see. Be sure to check out Julie taking on an enormous butt plug followed by an serious pounding by an aggressive black man excerpted from Zero Tolerance’s “Crack Addict 2” that shows her prodigious anal talents to great effect.

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