Hillary Scott

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Weight: 99.21 lbs
Cup: D
Waist: 26
Hips: 36


One of porn’s most prolific and highly compensated performers, Hillary Scott was born in February of 1983 and grew up in the small city of Napier, Illinois. Before her porn career, Hillary worked at a local bank selling mortgages for a few years straight out of high school, but she was never particularly happy with the corporate culture under which she found herself; particularly off-putting for this young free sprit was having to wear business attire and having to remove all of her body piercings every day in order to conform to her employer’s appearance standards. Somewhat ironically, Hillary has subsequently ceased wearing body jewelry and reports that all her piercing holes have closed. Fortunately her other holes remain wide-open and she is widely known for her gaping videos. Lusting after the bright lights and freedom of a career in show business, Hillary quit her bank job and moved to Los Angeles, California in early 2004. Failing to gain mainstream acting roles, Hillary turned to modeling, dancing, and spokes-model work before deciding to pursue a career in XXX porn. Her chosen path has been that of the girl who’s only answer is “yes”, performing in more and more depraved acts for the camera, much to her growing fan-base's delight. Speaking of growing, Hillary upgraded her tits from B to D cups which on her petite 5’ 4”, 99 pound body gives her proportions that are stunning on paper and jaw-dropping awesome in the flesh. Hillary’s gonzo-style performances also brought her an unprecedented level of industry acclaim, racking up over 16 major adult awards in just five years and during an appearance on the Howard Stern Radio Show, she indicated that she had signed a four year, one million dollar exclusive performance and directing contract with a major porn studio, though they parted ways only two years into the agreement. Ms. Scott has also appeared on the Jerry Springer television show in an episode entitled “A Porn Star Broke Us Up” as the titular pornstar. Hillary self-identifies as bisexual, as she has stated in interviews, “I'm bisexual of course and do enjoy those girl-girl scenes. I obviously prefer to do it with those girls who are actually bisexual and aren't gay for pay which unfortunately seems to be the vast majority". Clearly this is a girl who loves her work, and it comes through loud and clear in her performances, Ms. Scott has appeared in nearly 550 titles to date and has parlayed her blonde bombshell looks and insatiable lust into an incomparable career. ZTOD has a perfect collection of Hillary’s best work, and with a pornstar like Hillary it really represents the “best of the best”. She truly is one of the all-stars of porn, always ready for whatever cums her way.

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