Eve Lawrence

Birthday: Oct 4, 1985
Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 114.64 lbs
Cup: D
Waist: 25
Hips: 36


Eve Lawrence is a pornstar who was born in October of 1985 in Queen Anne, Maryland who began her career shortly after turning eighteen, starting off with nude modeling for stills before quickly moving on to XXX motion pictures. Upon reaching the age of 20 and after having performed in approximately 100 titles, Eve Lawrence announced her retirement from porn and returned to Maryland where she continued her education, working on a liberal arts degree with a professed desire to go on to law school and eventually practice real estate law. During what would turn out to be more of a hiatus than a retirement, Ms. Lawrence supported herself by working at a mortgage company. The lure of the money and fame brought Eve back to porn almost five years later and she was again performing for her fans, primarily via webcasts before returning to proper studio productions. Ms. Lawrence quite candidly stated in an interview “I used to think sex was a horrible burden pushed on women … I wasn’t really into it. I’m not a sex-driven person, I’m a fame-driven person. [Sex] is just something I’ve been told I do well." In keeping with that mindset, Eve hired a well-known multimedia company to try to navigate a crossover into the music business, trademarked her name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (spelled Eve Laurence) and pursued cyber-squatting cases in court against websites that took advantage of variations in the spelling of her last name to misdirect fans who were looking for content containing her performances. Using her trademark as a cudgel, Eve was able to have a host of offending sites shut down, both eliminating unfair competition and providing her fans cleaner results when they seek her using a search engine. At the time of this writing Eve’s transition to the music business is yet to happen, and in the mean time she continues to appear in new productions, performs webcam shows and maintains an active Twitter feed with over 40,000 followers where she engages in direct communication with her fans. Eve Lawrence has appeared in over 170 titles to date and while she received nominations from both the AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards, she failed to win any trophies. In multiple interviews, Eve alleges that she has an IQ of 142 and indicates that her goals are to sign an exclusive contract with a big-name studio, do a world tour as a feature dancer and land a recording contract. She has also talked about opening a high-performance automotive speed shop staffed exclusively with female mechanics and returning to college again, this time in pursuit of a degree in Psychology. All laudable goals, if perhaps a bit scattered. ZTOD has this brainy fuck machine in some of the most memorable roles of her career, right here, right now in stunning full HD. AKA Eve Laurence

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