Courtney Simpson

Birth place:
Ethniticy: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Weight: 99.21 lbs
Cup: A
Waist: 24
Hips: 34


The product of a strict Mormon upbringing, Courtney Simpson was born in May, 1985. Courtney was a good student growing up and was an accomplished gymnast, winning a national competition on the uneven bars. When she attended college at Arizona State University as a freshman cheerleader her pent-up sexual energy she had long denied, erupted forth and once unleashed was unstoppable. Courtney had always intended to wait until matrimony before losing her virginity, but finally out from under the ever-watchful eyes of her deeply religious parents, she succumbed to temptation and lost her virginity in October of her freshman year. Getting her cherry finally popped caused the floodgates to open within her and she became a sexual dynamo. She began seeking out sexual situations, answering local ads for nude models and was soon giving blowjobs to strangers for a locally-sourced video website. Her obsession became so overpowering that her teammates on the cheerleading squad gave her the nickname of “Triple-X” as she was constantly talking about sex. Courtney soon found herself making movies in California’s ‘Porn Valley” and while her sheltered upbringing had left her a bit naive, the years of repression also made her an unstoppable sexual force, relishing the sheer wanton-ness of these forbidden experiences. With her background as a gymnast Courtney was able to achieve some truly magnificent positions with ease, hanging upside down off her man during sex, or doing a full split with her legs at opposing 90 degree angles to her torso while her partner railed her mercilessly. Before long, Courtney had dropped out of school and was a full time pornstar dabbling in the different genres trying to find her niche. Early on she did a video with the infamous Max Hardcore in a scene than involved some extreme anal and him pissing on her, which she recounted as her first major regret in porn and one she would never repeat. She implemented other hard limits on her porn performances: besides no anal she barred men from cumming in her creampie-style as that was something she wanted to reserve for her partners in real life. After about four years in the business she further restricted her appearances to only lesbian scenes before dropping out of the business entirely about a year later, returning to a private life in Arizona. During her short but prolific career, Courtney appeared in about 200 titles and did both big budget and gonzo-style videos and even achieved a modicum of mainstream success performing in HBO and Cinemax late-night softcore productions. There was some noteworthy controversy when she got fucked in a scene wearing while wearing her ASU cheerleading outfit, and upon threat of a lawsuit from the college the producers digitally blurred the offending logo in the video release. ZTOD has Courtney Simpson in exclusive scenes available nowhere else. She’s a very pretty girl with some pretty amazing abilities, achieving positions that border on the impossible and possessing a unique blend of innocence and rapaciousness that is rarely seen in this industry.

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