Alicia Angel

Birthday: Jan 12, 1984
Birth place:
Ethniticy: latina
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Weight: 105.82 lbs
Cup: B
Waist: 22
Hips: 32


Alicia Angel is an exotic and exciting pornstar who was born in January of 1984 in Oxnard, California and brings a heady and unusual mix of Arabic and Latin ancestry to the game. Describing her self as a true nympho, Alicia tells of becoming sexually active at a young age and of being a chronic masturbator. In her late teen years, she made a habit of servicing the local guys, which understandably made her quite popular. By the time Alicia turned 21, she was already married and was a regular on the swingers scene with her husband, who reportedly gets off on the voyeurism of watching men fuck his hot little wife who is an admitted exhibitionist and really enjoys performing for a crowd, the bigger the better. In a brilliant flash of inspiration, together they reached a decision that they would try a career in porn, Alicia as the talent with her husband as her manager, which would allow them to monetize what they were already doing for free, and would allow them to have less worries about STDs as the porn industry has rigorous testing regimes in place to assure the safety of its workers. Having the man she’s partnered with and trusts handling the business side of things also allowed Alicia peace of mind that her management was not going to rip her off, which is a concern for all working actors, both within and without the XXX porn business. As she became comfortable with the ins and outs of the porn business, Alicia ever in search of new and exciting experiences began branching out into the “extreme” genre, and took risks by appearing in movies produced by some of the smaller independent studios, with headliner status and box cover placement skillfully negotiated by her partner which was a gambit that certainly paid off, setting AlIcia apart from other “run of the mill” pornstars and firmly establishing her as a serious force to be reckoned with within the industry. Soon enough industry heavyweights came calling with big roles and big money in the offing. Alicia candidly admits that if she wasn’t fucking and sucking for the cameras she would be doing the same thing for free and that the lifestyle the porn business has afforded her and her husband has been something of a dream come true. Arguably she’s a dream come true for her fans as well, who enjoy the genuine passion and no-limits demeanor Ms. Angel brings to all of her roles. ZTOD has this genuine nymphomaniac in some of her most compelling roles, doing what she was born to do: making people cum. Be sure to check out her fine performance in a scene excerpted from Zero Tolerance’s “Apprentass 5” where Alicia is double teamed by two enormous cocks, who relentlessly pound her from every direction before finishing off by dropping their loads into Alicia’s cum-starved mouth for a thrilling finale!

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